Miracles Photos of Jesus Christ-God, real ghost caught on tape,Virgin Mary apparitions in Medjugorje

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6 Responses to Miracles Photos of Jesus Christ-God, real ghost caught on tape,Virgin Mary apparitions in Medjugorje

  1. peacedreamerable says:

    Yesterday I met an old lady, a remarkable person who makes collodial silver locally as well as esiac ..an native american indian cure for cancer and many other diseases, she makes it for them now. She had a life size photo of Jesus you have here..her ffriend many years ago found a little church in the desert near the Sphynx with this painting in it, she took a picture of it and gave it to the old woman. The eyes follow you as youu move. It is a very beautifull photo,calming and serene.

  2. ApostasyRestoration says:

    Yeshua is the son of God, the firt born of all creation, who created all under the direction of God, who begged God to remove the cup, to forgive his his killers, when God had forsaken him, who siad God is greater than him, who said why call me good, only God is good, who told Mary not to touch him after his assention from hell in his resurected form for he had not assended to God yet. He is my mediator between me and God, high priest and sacrifice to cover my sins. I pray in his name to God.

  3. beruangah says:

    This guy looks like Mel Gibson.

  4. HeavensHelp1 says:

    Beautiful-ABSOLUTELY beautiful!!! The photo of Christ crucified is the way that I have always believed He looked like when on the cross. Also the photo of Him, it’s as if He can see right through me. It gives me CHILLS! Thank-You for posting these.

  5. brians235 says:

    Wow amazing pictures….
    Could you please send me some of them
    Drugs your on????? I want to be a believer to….. Thanks

  6. dahlusion says:


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