Extreme Demonic Possession – Wise Man Daniel

SCOAN TV is the official YouTube Channel of The Synagogue, Church Of All Nations (The SCOAN), Emmanuel TV and TB Joshua. Watch the authentic power of God bringing healing, deliverance, blessing and solution to people’s lives. This footage is taken directly from The Emmanuel TV File and as you watch in faith, you can get healed, blessed and linked up with God! Distance is not a barrier for the Holy Spirit to get to you. Just believe! Believing is your connection to Jesus Christ! For more info, see: www.scoan.org www.emmanuel.tv distanceisnotabarrier.wordpress.com thetbjoshuafanclub.wordpress.com
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23 Responses to Extreme Demonic Possession – Wise Man Daniel

  1. ciara tanoh says:

    je sais que la cure d’ame est cense restee? confidentielle mais pas la delivrance.

  2. MrJoselandu says:

    escusez moi mais une delivrance se? censé rester confidentielle

  3. joejossy says:

    This was great, could you present the most of it, if edited no problem if would carry? the important scenarios. Praise be to God….

  4. drie Gguarda says:

    DELIVERANCE of Mr. Enny, from the Oracle of Idigun &? Queen of all Queens

  5. drie Gguarda says:

    .DELIVERANCE of Mr. Enny, from the Oracle of Idigun & Queen of all Queens
    i? want to see the complete testimony…
    to God be the glory

  6. MrPapy12 says:

    To watch the full documentary (2 hours), type? these words on youtube:

    DELIVERANCE of Mr. Enny, from the? Oracle of Idigun & Queen of all Queens (Complete Testimony)

  7. MrPapy12 says:

    Type these words and you will find the whole documentary (2? hours long):

    DELIVERANCE of Mr. Enny, from the Oracle of Idigun & Queen of all Queens (Complete Testimony)

  8. wickson marrion says:

    praise the lord indeed frankly i think all doubt is gone from me? personally ..
    to GOD be the glory forever more amen……

  9. Frieda Kadhikua says:

    How can anybody watch this and still question that these men are working for GOD?? I too would like to see the whole documentary of this man’s delivarence so I can continue to grow in faith. Thank you? soo much, and I am still waiting for my day to come, sooner than later please LORD JESUS!!!

  10. elkonet13 says:

    Emmanuel! Glory be to God for the deliverance of Mr Enny.
    We need a full documentary on this man and his former activities when he was in? the kingdom of Darkness. His Testimony will help and guide the children of God. He did not have time to explain all during sunday church service. I am sure he has more to say and we have a lot to learn.
    This will help us know what to watch out for in life!
    Thank you.

  11. sarah john says:

    its ther? deliverance of mr enny
    God is great

  12. yeshuasavedmysoul says:

    Please post the full? video of this man’s deliverance.
    Praise God for His wonderful works to the children of Adam!

  13. mikilebon says:

    Senior Prophet T B Joshua, Wiseman Daniel; AKA FIREMAN. Wiseman John Chi, Wiseman Harry, Wise Man Christopher, the choir, the ushers, the many people who stabilises those going through deliverance, camera men and news anchors,? translators, engineers and computer experts et all, Stay blessed. Today, Father T B Joshua said. ‘LET MY PEOPLE GO!’ True, it is time, high time indeed, that the black race rises to fulfil their position on this earth. LET THE TIME COME NOW. Amen.

  14. milinash says:

    amazing work of the most? high God.

  15. Alex stephane Njimeni says:

    who can say that jesus is not the same yesteday, today and forever. at the mention of his every tongues shall confess and every neads must bown.? that is only the revelation of the word of god. be glory be to our lord jesus christ.

  16. franca19920 says:

    i just saw it? online within the service that was wonderful God is great AMEN

  17. Hiel Mulumba says:

    Thank you Jesus for this mavelous? deliverance.

  18. SETH TOBIAS says:


  19. rahel8000 says:

    Praise? God!!!

  20. Michael mdesa says:

    want to see the full posting of the? video if possible. please

  21. kaburugi says:

    That is really strange.?

  22. nonchalant1985 says:

    Glory to God and long life to the Wise? Man Daniel. God Bless you!

  23. TheMthoe says:

    Glory be to God who has given such power? of deliverance to the sons of men.

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